Starting with research into bicycle transportation and carrying methods/use scenarios, this fender bag and mount was designed to be easy to install and support the majority of users' carrying needs-such as a change of shoes and shirt, a book, wallet, snack, towel, etc.
A rear tube handle is used to remove the bag from the frame, and is able to mount a standard seatpost tail light.
Paracord drawstrings secure cargo, and heavy duty aluminum clips hold everything tightly. 
A rigid stainless-steel tube frame ensures solid structure for transportation.
The bag removed and ready to carry.
The basis of this design was a result of 120 responses sourced from an online cycling community. The majority of respondents most frequently traveled to work or school in urban environments, and carried small items such as tools, clothes, or snack using backpacks.
Seatpost-mounted bags appeared to offer the most benefits for most users who did not need large capacity, but were not widely used or well-known, and seemed to be notorious for floppy structures.
Bag designs were heavily driven by urban utility and sleek, speedy shape. Material inspiration drew heavily from urban tech-wear.
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