A barware collection designed for Nachtmann, a crystalline glass manufacturer. 
Erode was selected for manufacture in December 2018 and will soon be available on the market.
In homeware markets, decoration is out, and consumers are looking for clean, quiet designs.
Nachtmann must find ways to do more with less.
Erosion creates some of nature’s most impressive artifacts. These beautiful sights often require thousands of years to form.
The slow and graceful pace serves as a reminder that some things need not be rushed, and it is often necessary to slow down to truly appreciate a moment.

A traditional Nachtmann glass cast in clear soap, then eroded by various means. These studies helped influence the form language of the collection.
A set of existing glassed was used as a starting point. These glasses were noted for their tapered form that made them easy to hold—especially in users with arthritis.

The final form was reached through model iteration. A print was used to confirm user comfort and present to the client.
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